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Backlash against Asian Americans due to COVID-19

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How certain music can influence a society

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How to get free diamonds in cooking fever

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5 things to watch out for as a man in Japan

By the way, for Japanese condom size the diameter is taken and for Germans the nominal width, so they are difficult to compare. Measured, however, German condoms usually have a nominal width of about 54 mm and Japanese condoms a nominal width of about 52 mm, so they are about 2mm smaller. That doesn't sound like much at first, but I noticed it.

With those in L I had no problems. Since a condom that is too small can lead to it tearing, I would therefore definitely advise using condoms in size L. These usually have a nominal width of about 52 mm. These usually have a nominal width of about 56 mm. - japanese porno

Especially the extra thin condoms in Japan are mostly not made of latex, but polyurethane. So the Japanese get the condoms thinner, but they also become less elastic. Therefore, in my opinion, size L is definitely not too big if you buy the standard condoms in Germany.

Meanwhile, by the way, the famous Japanese condoms with a "thickness" of only 0.01mm are also available in size L, so maybe also a nice souvenir. The thinnest ones available in Germany are about 0.05mm thick. You can buy the condoms in Japan in every drugstore and konbini (convenience store). I also often buy them at Donki Hotte (ドン・キホーテ Don Quijote). There you will also find everything else you need in this direction.

Beware of shady addresses in entertainment districts like Kabuki-chō.

Especially when you're out and about in Japan at night, you need to be wary of shady speeches. Especially in Tōkyō in the district Kabuki-chō, the red light district of Tōkyō, even as a tourist you are often asked in English if you would like to sleep with a Japanese girl. In most cases (100% of the time), these are scammers. If you google in English, there are many foreigners who have fallen for this scam. In addition, prostitution, unlike in Germany, is illegal in any case. The only legal possibility in this direction in the gray area are the so-called Soaplands. Just recently, a soapland opened in Kawasaki, which specializes in foreigners. I have never been to a soapland myself, but the prices are quite reasonable.

Women only: Women's wagons

To deal with the big problem of sexual harassment on the train, there are wagons in Japan that are only for women. These are usually the carriages at the very front or the very back. These are marked with an appropriate sign on the platform.

Most of the time these cars are only for women during rush hour, but there are also trains, for example in Kobe, where the cars are for women only throughout. If you do accidentally board a women's car, of course it's not illegal. And as a foreigner, they won't hold it against you. If you do something wrong, most Japanese know that it's not malicious, but that as a foreigner you just don't know. When I was once in a women's carriage in Kobe by mistake, there were some astonished looks, but the situation was mainly very unpleasant for myself.

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Pussy with big labia

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